Cam Slide Line Blind Valve

The Cam-Slide is a modern line blind, which has been designed to advance the benefits of the Cam-Set and Stacey™ line blind. It has been appropriately designed for applications where space is limited. with this new design, the spectacle plate is smoothly slid, rather than swung.

The introduction of bearing blocks allows more accurate positioning of the spectacle plate, which reduces the potential for user error.  The Cam-Sliding mechanism eliminates any plate lifting during transition.  Since less effort is now required, it will result in less wear and tear of the sealing parts and in return will reduce maintenance and servicing needed in the future.  The Cam-Slide also includes a limit stop, ensuring a definite stopping point.


·       Sliding-type line blind

·       Easy and fast change

·       Ideal where space is limited

·       No flange or line spreading

·       One man, one side operation

·       4 bold design for higher pressure applications

·       Fast and smooth plate transition


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