Cryogenic Globe Valves

The control valve is designed specifically for use in ‘cold box’ applications. It is a single-seated, body-guided globe style with threaded seat ring. 

The extended neck allows the body to bonnet flange to be outside the cold box, simplifying maintenance and providing a low ‘cool down weight.’ This design is generally used in throttling and/or isolation control of cryogenic liquids and gases to -450°F (-268°C).


       It offers low cool down weight because there are no flanged joints in the cold box area and the small body mass keeps heat absorption at a minimum.

       Low conduction through the neck extension and the valve stem makes the valve ideally suited for super-cooled environments.

       Extended body neck design allows removal of the seat ring and plug without disturbing the cold box purge, vacuum or insulation.

       No gasketed joints are inside the cold box or line insulation, eliminating potential leak paths. Standard seat ring wrenches are available for removing trim.

       Standard plug design provides metal seat and Class IV shut-off.

       Optional lapping and proper actuator selection allow for Class V shut-off capability.

       A soft seat plug design is available for Class VI leakage.

       Preferred mounting is 20 to 90 degrees from horizontal.

       The optional Ice-Breaker packing box is available to prevent ice formation on the valve stem and coupling.

       Mounting plate for cold box installation is offered as an accessory.


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