Hose Leak Detection System

Most leak detection systems only monitor the main carcass, but what if the secondary carcass also fails Dual Anti-pollution Safety Hose (DASH) has the only failure alert device (FAD) on the market that monitors the integrity of both the primary and secondary carcasses. 

Tested in accordance with GMPHOM 2009, the FAD system gives the DASH user a reliable, durable system for assuring that their double carcass hose is working. The mechanical FAD consists of a stainless-steel base covered with a clear plastic lens, which is protected by a stainless-steel cage. The system works by means of the presence of pressure between the primary and secondary carcasses of the hose. When a leak occurs from the primary carcass it is contained by the secondary carcass, increasing the pressure. Once 


Once the fluid reaches the FAD base, it activates, raising the coloured piston which is visible from a distance.


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