Lift Plug Valve

Its simple and rugged design makes it suitable for severe applications at high temperatures or with highly abrasive or erosive materials. In the Delayed Coking industry, the SchuF Lift Plug is utilised as a an isolation and switch valve. 

In visbreaking, cracking, hydroprocessing, distillation and deasphalting refinerary applications, the Lift Plug has proven to be an ideal isolation valve with many advantages over traditional ball valves and T-pieces.


·       The top actuator has been engaged and the plug starts to rise

·       Note how steam flushing takes place during plug lifting (redlines)

·       This is the first line of attack of the Coking Defense System

·       The 2nd actuator has been engaged and the plug is turning

·       Flushing will now take place in, around, above, and below the plug


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