Mooring Buoys

The buoy is a floating tool and sign to indicate differences in the utilization of territories, or a sign to drop anchor as well as a pointer for ship berth.

A buoy is generally brightly coloured so it can be easily recognized from a distance. A mooring buoy is equipped with a heavier load to be placed on the seabed, commonly called sinker. The sinker’s shape can be an anchor or cast cement embedded into the seafloor. Sinker is connected with buoy by using chain or rope with extra 2 m added to the total length in order to keep buoy at the specified radius on the surface of the water in case of tide.

Mooring Buoys are resilient, easy to handle, self-fendering and require minimal maintenance. Our mooring buoys are rapidly replacing traditional steel mooring buoys. 


·        low maintenance.

·        self-fendering resilient foam bodies

·        ease of handling and repair whilst offshore

·        Flexible, impact-resistant flotation core. 


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