Multi-Stage Control Valve

SchuF Multi-stage Control Valves are the best on the market, and will continue to live up to their reputation and exceed your expectations

Packing elements are close to the flow path minimizing potential dead space and product build-up.

Lower stress disc + spindle design enables safe metal sealing up to and exceeding 450°C

Have an unlimited number of stages available, and can handle virtually all CV ranges

Optimized flow path (side to bottom)

Have a balanced disc design using the Single piece disc + spindle design


·       Cast or single block forged body available

·       2, 3 or 4 staged pressure reduction disc design – self-cleaning

·       True Equal % characteristics

·       Higher SchuF Cv values (1 to 350) allows for greater plant capacity and better pump protection

·       Large outlet chamber to reduce velocities

·       Disk opening direction eliminates plugging by catalyst fines

·       Easy to replace severe service trim


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