Navigation Buoys

Navigation Buoys are produced according to ILALA standard and colors İN 1.25m-1.75m-2m-2.20m-2.50m-3m the bouy is produced from high strength polyethylene material and can withstand rough sea conditions for man-years. The float towers are easily changeable, wide steps and guardrails are produced to occupational health and safety standards. The body is produced from 4 parts and these parts can be separated from each other. The surface of the polyethylene body is non-slip. 

The shaft passing through the body is manufactured from hot-dip galvanizing. The inside of the polyethylene body is polystyrene or polyurethane filled. All connection bolts use 316 L stainless steel. the swivel of the chain link is based on 5 tons of breaking force.


Aluminium used on its surface is manufactured from sea water-resistant material.


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