Y-globe Control Valve

The SchuF Y Globe valve is unique with respect to its flexibility, high Cv and reliable performance.

It can be provided as a standard Y Globe valve or as a special control valve for severe service applications. They are widely used in the Plastic and Polymer Industry as well as control variants in the Petrochemical, Chemicals, Mineral Processing and Refining industries.

Y Globe valves offer the perfect compromise between flow and sealing requirements. The flow control characteristics are much better than a globe valve, while the zero leakage sealing performance far excel that of a ball valve.


·       High throughput and good controllability

·       Suitable for high pressure (ASME 2500# plus) and high temperature (700°C) applications

·        Disc or piston variant

·       Equal %, or linear characteristics

·       Normal choke or custom control

·       Zero leakage sealing performance


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